One Million Prayers For America

What is "The Awakening Worldwide?"

"The Awakening Worldwide" (subsequently referred to as "The Awakening") is the online grassroots gathering among people of faith who take the promises of the Bible to heart – to turn back to God in repentance, that he will heal our land, as He has promised.

Is "The Awakening" a political movement?

"The Awakening" is not political and is not a political movement. We are simply a gathering of Christian believers joining together to pray for God to heal our land.

What does this cost?

Any and all resources of "The Awakening" are available FREE.

What is the mission of "The Awakening?"

Our mission is to support the work of Christian pastors and churches while offering to 1)Pray 2) Teach 3) and Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with skeptics, seekers, and fellow believers.

Who is sponsoring "The Awakening?"

"The Awakening" is the non-denominational outreach of The Himmelreich Memorial Library. For over a century The Himmelreich has been dedicated to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through its library collections, programs, and services which are offered FREE to the public. Upon its opening in 1902, The Himmelreich was recognized as "the finest library of its kind in America, and the second largest in the world."

Is a church sponsoring "The Awakening?"

The national sponsoring organization for "The Awakening" is The Himmelreich Memorial Library. The Himmelreich has long been affiliated with the Presbyterian church – yet for over a century has welcomed and provided books and programs for men, women, and children of all denominations and faiths, as well as the general public.

Is "The Awakening" a church?

"The Awakening" is not a church. Our goal is simply to help lead and direct seekers, skeptics, and believers to churches in their own areas where the Word is faithfully taught and the God of the Bible is freely worshiped.

What is the doctrinal foundation for "The Awakening?"

"The Awakening" affirms The Apostle's Creed as a true and full expression of our belief. We welcome all to join us who similarly embrace this historic foundational Christian creed which has been shared and proclaimed for centuries by Christians and churches all around the world (please see attached pdf).

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